Friday, July 2, 2010

We actually made it to Colorado

Some reflections on Utah:

1.) The Utah desert is more hot and intense than Nevada's loneliest road desert and there were less people in it. This is fun to note because the people of Nevada warned us of this and we chuckled like children who didn't know any better.

2.) There are lots of really neat festivals in Utah. For example: Groovefest and a Hot Air Balloon Festival and they are definitely worth checking out, especially the hot air balloon one.

3.) People are funny. They say things like 'around here we're all good christian fearin folk, but over there in (insert the next state here) you be careful.' The cyclist that we ran into named Clay who is cycling to the Great Lakes does a great impression of this and if you run into him on your journey you should ask him to do it.

4.) Utah has a ton of National Parks and they are all spectacular. I feel like I shouldn't be telling people this because I wouldn't want to tell people the secret and ruin the hardly anyone being there aspect of the parks.

5.) Utah eats camping equipment.

6.) Utah is windy. Very very windy. Very very very windy. Just ask the guys.

7.) I know I already mentioned this, but Utah has extensive deserts. Who knew?

That's all.

Last night I rolled into town to find Mike German playing Frisbee with some people he had met in the park while Pacella looked on disbelievingly. Where does he get the energy?

Then we went and got very interesting pizza from a place the people he was playing frisbee with recommending.

We rolled over to the Catholic church that had agreed to let us pitch tents in their yard (no one would be there to let us in). However, across the street was another baptist church. Mike guessed which one was the parsonage and walked over to see if we could sleep on their floor while Pacella and I hid behind the car. It was nearly 10 at night. Who wants a bear man knocking on their door at 10 at night? Baptists; that's who.

Of course you can stay here! Come in come in, use whatever you like just clean up. It's so nice to meet you folks. You know we had some cyclists not even a few days ago. Oh yeah real nice guy. We get you sort in here all the time.

Make yourselves at home, just hollar in you need something.

You can't argue with Mike German's results.

And now I'm off to check out more new and wondrous things.

Shelly Kessler, Lover of Libraries

p.s. Did I mention I was in an awesome library? It's got big windows, it's near a river, it's got a fireplace and stuffed chairs and rocking chairs and it's all wood and lovely. I love libraries.


  1. It sounds like your having a grate time! Your insights into Utah sound like good advice for anyone travailing in the state. Witch river was the Library near? (if you know)
    Keep Rocking and Posting

  2. I think Mike G will be in sales at some point in his life. He is already OK with making cold calls.

  3. I'm pretty sure it was Dolores River

  4. Or a creek that ran to Dolores River.