Sunday, June 13, 2010

Always Remember to Bring Your Towel

I might end up being the only person to update this blog; I'm going to be doing most of my driving and sight seeing alone. When you're alone for such a long period of time you want to reach out to the world. Apparently the solution is to post a blog into the abyss.

I had an amazing time in California, the first leg of my trip. Traveling without a care in the world beyond what shall I eat tonight and what wine shall I try and what place would I like to sleep is pretty nice. I wouldn't say that I am burnt out from college, but I am sick and tired. For the last week and a half I have gotten regular sleep and regular exercise. We would get up early, sight see all day and then sleep until we woke up. It is too bad that such a thing will never last. I don't know what to do with this much sleep; I feel well rested. I went to an organ concert and did not fall asleep once, this is highly unusual.

So, this blog isn't about the super awesome trip I took to California, which I highly recommend... It's about BAAM!UMBC

I missed the train to San Fran and missed meeting up with the boys. The family they had stayed with in San Fran sent someone to pick me up. He was very nice and dropped me off at the car and pointed me in the right direction.

A note about trains. Trains are awesome because you can always find another backpacker type on them. Today I ran into a couple who backpacked and couchsurfed for a year across Asia, Oceania and Eastern Europe. I aspire to be so adventurous. I love running into such people. They are always excited about what you're doing and they always have the most interesting stories to tell and excellent advice for your own adventure.

This trip is about being fearless. It is about adventure. It is about living passionately without regret and without hesitation. Namely this trip is about driving in places I never would have been able to drive in a week ago.

I got in the car and drove off into San Francisco. Now let me tell you why this is novel; I am terrified of driving in Baltimore City. Probably because every time I do, I get lost or perhaps it's from the one and only time I got into a car accident. Now imagine driving in a city where not only could you not possibly know where you are within the city because you have never been there and add hills. Did you know that San Fran has a lot of hills? I missed that memo in grade school.

The point I am making is this: Fearless. I'm in a state of Zen that as of yet I have been unable to obtain. It was a fantastic drive out to Davis... and a fantastic drive back when I had to drive an hour and a half back to pick up the bag of electronics that the boys left in San Fran.

I do believe the very nice woman who handed me the bag of electronics was mildly concerned when I told her I was off to another place I did not know to try to find Jesse whose bike had broken down. It's not like they left him in the middle of the desert. He had a bike shop and a restaurant to keep him company while he waited for me to show up. This is really a lesson in the kindness of people.

The drivers in San Fran actually slow down for bikers... and stop for pedestrians at cross walks! They will slow down and stop having been going 50 mph. This is a novel idea. I'm pretty convinced that all that sun has gone to their heads.

Not only that but the people we stayed with picked us up, called us when we left very expensive things in their home and were nothing but gracious to us as we ran here and there about California. Oh! I have to give a shout out to Fang. This man was an absolutely brilliant host in San Jose. He drove us to train stations and lent his car. He opened up his entire kitchen to us and took us out to eat (by us I mean Jon, Ellen and Anna... my previous travel companions). Perhaps he's reading this, in which case I say thank you so so so so much.

Jesse had a lady take him and his bike into town and a bike shop stay open late so that he could fix his bike in time for tomorrow.

When we finally arrived in Davis for real, it was to find that we had lost our housing for the night to a graduation party. However, as we all know Mike German is Mike German, so here we are staying in a place with half a dozen college students and one other couch surfer sleeping on their floor.

So today started out late, had a backtrack to San Fran middle and one break down. I did lots of supporting and driving, but all in all I think this is an extremely promising start to what looks like a most excellent adventure.

So, in conclusion to this whole rambling mess, I'm sorry mother but I am going to La Dee Da across the whole country.



  1. "and looking at the world through rosy colored glasses."

  2. Thank you for keeping up the blog and including video! We love sharing your adventures. This will be a great memory for your BAAM team after you have returned back home. Explore, meet friendly people, stay healthy and safe.
    Cathy German

  3. Shelly Kessler's my fave.

  4. Wow! Sounds like an amazing start to your trip! Great Videos!

  5. I hope you are having fun and be safe

    The Notaro's