Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dinner with the Mayor

And we're off again!

The boys left late in the morning because it does not get that hot in this area yet. I stuck around, used the internet planned the next few days. I'm going to take the ghost train (an old steam train) aaaaand I'm going to go take a tour of lehman caves.

So I get going late and pass Mike and Jesse. I get to Ely and Mike Pacella is waiting. We find the church and the pastor lets us in. Everything is great, we have another place to stay.

So we're waiting for Mike and Jesse to show up and get a call. 'Hey is the place giving us food?' No Mike, no food this time. 'Oh well great we found some people who are gonna give us burgers'.

So Pacella and I set out to go find some much talked about biscuits and gravy, but before we get there we get a call from Papa Bear again. 'Hey, ya'll should come over. There's free food by the sign that says economy drugs and toys!'

So we stop by to assess the situation. They're having a cookout with lots of good food. Awesome. We grab a plate sit down and our hosts point and say, 'that's the mayor, the one in the red'. It was a 70s themed cookout. They had good music, good food and good people.

We're so cool we roll into Ely and have dinner with the mayor and the chamber of commerce. They took our picture and they're putting us into their newsletter. Hopefully we get some donations, but if not, that was pretty awesome all the same. If one of you are reading this because you're checking out our blog, Hi! Thank you so much!

Like I said before. They've been nothing but nice.

Signed most famously,
One Shelly Kessler, Imfamous cookout crasher

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